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We request you to read our terms of use before trying any of our tutorials. If you do not read them, they are still our Terms of Use and you will have to agree with them. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or delete portions of these Terms of Use at any time.


Our tutorials, tubes, graphics, websets, etc., are Copyrighted to Carola Graphical Art. Any and all of them must remain within our site, and they are not to be removed and placed anywhere.

All our tutorials may be printed out for your exclusive and personal use. They may not be downloaded or saved to any hard drive.

Anything you create with our tutorials is yours for personal use only. Your results should not be sent or posted on Fotki Albums or groups as tags by request. Non profit is to be made by using our tutorials, tubes, graphics, websets, etc. You may not create scripts based on our tutorials. You may not translate them to any language. You may not send any of our tutorials, tubes, graphics, websets, etc., through any mail lists, news groups, forums, message boards, or in electronic mails. You may not offer to others to download, neither to include in any collection, or in any CD, none of the tutorials, tubes, graphics, websets, etc., contained within this site. You may not make masks from our selection files in order to write your own tutorials neither to share them in any form. We reserve the royalties and the right of redistributing.

You may use our tutorials, tubes and/or other graphics to make your own graphics, websets, all kind of tags, animations, all kind of cards, calendars, desktop backgrounds, use them to make your own tube collection, creating new and different graphics than offered by us. All graphics made this way are linkware. You may not claim copyright for any graphics created from our tutorials. Even if you modify them in order to fit your needs, the original graphics are still ours and they are copyrighted to us.

If you are going to use your results on one of our tutorials, tubes and/or other graphics for a website, you are required to place our site name and an active link to us (better if you use our banner below) near the graphic. Do not link directly to the banner image: save it to your hard drive, upload to your site and link back to:

Download Banner

Please only use the banner above: do not make one of your own.

If you use our tutorials to create websets for download you MUST provide an active link to and that link may not be removed by others when placing the websets online.

Graphics made from our tutorials may be placed on family friendly websites only.


Lists or groups may link to only. Owners/moderators of online groups, MSN groups, Yahoo groups, Google groups or similar, MUST provide us the necessary password when posting our link and/or use our tutorials as lessons for their groups.


Please keep in mind that your password is for your exclusive and personal use only. This means that one membership is for one person. You may not give your password to others, even if they say that they are a member of Carola Graphical Art.

IP addresses are recorded. One username logged in with different IP addresses is detected. Be careful regarding bandwidth usage. This is also recorded.

You may not link to any of our tutorial pages, images or zip files. You may not share them in any form. If others want them, they must do exactly what you did to become members of our site.

Usernames and passwords cannot be changed. If you need to change your email address, please don't do it yourself: let us know it and we'll make the changes.

You are required to place an active text link or our membership logo on your website (if you have one). Please only use the banner we provide in our welcome message: do not make one of your own.

Any person who is found to be in violation of our Terms of use will be immediately removed from membership and no refund will be given.

Once you have received your access codes, no refund will be given.

By entering this site you acknowledge and agree to all terms stated here. If you do not agree to these terms, please do not use this site.

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